Barr Lab News

September 2015

We renewed our NIH grant on Polycystins, Cilia, and Extracellular Vesicles in C. elegans. Five more years of discoveries to come!

Dr. Bob O’Hagan is the Principal Investigator of a new three year Independent Research Grant from the New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research entitled, “Enhancement of Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Motor Transport by Manipulation of Post-Translational Microtubule Glutamylation to Maximize Neuroregeneration.

Congratulations to Deanna DeVore and Malan Silva on their continuing predoctoral fellowship awards from NIH/NIDDK and the Waksman Institute, respectively.

Maggie Morash (class of 2016) was awarded a Goldwater Scholarship, which is the highest national undergraduate research honor. ). When Maggie’s not picking worms, she’s on the field as captain of the Rutgers Women’s Soccer Team. Go RU!

Dr. Julie Maguire published her paper on identifying a novel regulator of extracellular vesicle biogenesis

We attended the International C. elegans Meeting at UCLA and the FASEB SRC on the Biology of Cilia and Flagella. Dr. Bob O’Hagan gave a talk on tubulin post-translational modifications at the worm meeting. Dr. Juan Wang gave a talk on ciliary extracellular vesicles at the FASEB SRC.

We say goodbye to Julie Maguire (Rutgers PhD 2015) and Alina Rashid (Rutgers BS 2015, Goldwater 2014), who are embarking on their postgraduate and graduate studies at NYU and the Rockefeller, respectively.

We say hello and welcome new undergraduates Anza Rizvi and Fatima Rivzi to the lab!