Barr Lab News

February 2015

We have two new doctors in the house: Simon Warburton-Pitt and Julie Maguire!  Simon’s most recent work was published in PLOS Genetics and Dr. SWP is now a postdoc in Bristol, UK.

Congratulations to Deanna DeVore and Malan Silva for their predoctoral fellowship awards.  Deanna landed an NIH predoctoral fellowship for her studies on the connection between the polycystins and extracellular matrix.  Malan successfully renewed his Busch fellowship, which is based on defining the mechanisms driving ciliary specialization.

Bob O’Hagan and Juan Wang wrote a comprehensive review of what we learned about the polycystins using C. elegans as a model.

And, many of us have been busy writing grant and postdoctoral fellowships on new and exciting projects.  Stay tuned….