April 2014

Juan Wang’s paper on extracellular vesicles mediating animal communication was recently published in Current Biology. Now she’s working on identifying ECV cargo and the receiving cells. Malan Silva, our electron microscopy and tomography expert, continues to commute to Albert Einstein to work with Dave Hall. Malan wrote an eLife insight piece highlighting the power of ET. Alina Rashid, a […]

August 2013

We’re having a great summer. Half the lab went to the 19th International C. elegans meeting, while the rest of us went to the FASEB Cilia meeting.  Dr. Nate Schoeder and Dr. Bob O’Hagan gave talks on dendritic remodeling and tubulin posttranslational modifications, respectively. Two postdocs left the nest and started their own research programs. Dr. Nate Schroeder is at University […]

October 2011

Read about tubulin modifications and ciliary stability in Bob O’Hagan and Malan Silva‘s paper in Current Biology Oct 6. This was a great collaboration with the Swoboda (Karolinska Institute) and Hall (Albert Einstein) labs Check out our “sexy cougar” paper by Natalia Morsci and Lenny Haas in Genetics October 3. Congratulations to Julie Maguire on receiving a Busch graduate student fellowship.. Welcome to our new lab undergrads Sai Khisty and Mike […]

July 2011

Congrats to Natalia Morsci for her publication in Current Biology. Welcome to Dr. Britt Carlson, who is tackling KLP-6 kinesin biophysics as a summer researcher.

June 2011

The Barr lab is getting ready to descend upon UCLA for the 18th International C. elegans Meeting.  Postdoc Bob O’Hagan talk in a plenary session and we will present nine posters.     Welcome new lab members Cory Patrick (Genetics undergrad) and Becky Androwski (2011 RU grad, lab technician).   Congratulations to Lenny Haas on his […]

August 2010

Welcome new lab members Deanna Devore (Ph.D. program) and Malan Silva (M.S. program). Dr.  Robert O’Hagan received a postdoctoral fellowship award from the NJ Commission on Spinal Cord Research for research on “The NNA-1 Carboxypeptidase and C. elegans Neuroregeneration.” Dr.  Nathan Schroeder received a postdoctoral fellowship award from the USDA for his work on the “Neuronal basis of nictation in arthropod-associated nematodes.”

August 2009

Julie Maguire (Neuroscience graduate student) recently joined the lab in January 2009. Welcome to the wonderful world of worms.

September 2008

Young-Kyung Bae successfully defended her thesis and moved to sunny California (Stathopoulos Lab, Caltech).  She is evolving into a fly person! Dr. Nate Schroeder started in August 2008 and is interested in how the environment shapes the nervous system and animal behaviors. Dr. Robert O’ Hagan started in February 2008 and is studying the TRP polycystins using in […]