Barr Lab News

August 2013

We’re having a great summer. Half the lab went to the 19th International C. elegans meeting, while the rest of us went to the FASEB Cilia meeting.  Dr. Nate Schoeder and Dr. Bob O’Hagan gave talks on dendritic remodeling and tubulin posttranslational modifications, respectively.

Two postdocs left the nest and started their own research programs. Dr. Nate Schroeder is at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Dr. Arantza Barrios at University College London. Read Arantza’s Nature Neuroscience paper on male sex drive.

Welcome new graduate student Meredith Guo. We’re also happy to have Lenny Haas back for one year.

Kudos to Malan Silva (Busch graduate fellowship) and Alina Rashid (Genetics Society of America travel award, SURF). Congrats also to Deanna De Vore for passing her qualifying exams. Malan and Meredith are next up!

Love is in the air! Bob O’Hagan and Claire are expecting a baby in October. Becky Androwski and Tom just got engaged