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The Barr laboratory is interested in two seemingly unrelated questions in biology: the generation of sexual behaviors and the molecular basis of human genetic diseases of cilia. In particular, we study male sensory behaviors and ciliary specialization in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. We use several approaches to study animal physiology and behavior, including dissection of […]


Lab News

Juan Wang's latest Current Biology EV paper is live here! Amazing that Juan initiated this 6-month project with Josh Saul before he started law school and includes 15+ year old TEM data (Jauregui JCB 2008) from David Hall!

Kade Power's paper is out here in JCB! The kinase NEKL-4/NEK10 regulates cilia - mitochondria communication, which has implications for how we think about ciliopathies. A great collaboration with Chris Rongo (Rutgers) and Dave Hall (AECOM).

Rotation student Leah Dobossy decided to join the Barr lab. We are so excited!!!

Maureen co-organized the GSA TAGC24 meeting with Harmit Malik. Most of the lab headed to Washington DC. Carlos Nava Cruz won the poster grand prize from the C. elegans topic meeting.This was Carlos' first science conference!

Maureen co-organized the GSA TAGC24 meeting with Harmit Malik. Most of the lab headed to Washington DC. Elizabeth desRanleau won a poster prize from the C. elegans topic meeting! (Photo bomb by Kade and Leah)

We hosted Dr. Deanna DeVore (Barr lab PhD 2018) and her amazing high school juniors that attend Passaic County Technical Institute. We hope to make this an annual partnership.

Congratulations to Kaiden Power who defended his thesis in December! He will do a postdoc studying glia in Max Heiman's lab at Boston Children's/Harvard Genetics.

Barr lab has been busy! Inna Nikonorova's epic EV profiling paper was published in Current Biology. Jonathon Walsh received a PKD Foundation postdoctoral fellowship; Kade Power was awarded an NIH F31 predoctoral fellowship. Inna and Jonathon gave talks at the…

The Barr lab has been making lemonade out of lemons this past pandemic year. In March 2020, we quickly locked down thanks to our super lab manager Gloria Androwski and the dauer worms. During work from home, we focused on…

Welcome to postdoc Dr. Inna Nikonorova who joined us in July 2019. Inna is isolating and profiling ciliary extracellular vesicles. To learn more about Inna, read this profile piece in JBC Dr. Jonathon Walsh is an NIH-IRACDA postdoctoral fellow who…